How We Started

Optimised. Efficient. Secured

Since its inception as a spin-off from NTU’s SPIRIT Centre, TAU has developed a novel platform technology (ICRS™) and implemented projects with clients from various domains. TAU has been firmly committed to help corporations across domains unlock the true value of technology, and achieve efficient operations in search and analytics


Intelligent Case Retrieval System

After a successful POC with Singapore Judiciary, TAU developed a novel platform technology known as ICRS™. ICRS™ empowers TAU’s Intelligent Retrieval tool, which allows enterprises and organisations to make sense of their data. As an AI-powered search engine for the Singapore Judiciary, ICRS™ enabled Judges to extract relevant data easily from precedent cases. This potentially saves significant man-hours and time, compared to traditional searches, where Judges and Law assistants had to manually comb through files of precedent case information.